The podium finishers fight it out at the end of Leg 2 to the finish line in Abu Dhabi.



  1. DongFeng did Great; but couldn´t quite get a grasp why they were nearly one Knot slower than Brunel in exactly the same Windspeeds?!?! Can´t be that "Puff" that Bekking was talking about, because when they took over Dongfeng, they were faster over a period of nearly 2hours on the same Heading in a parallel distance of only 200metres… Same sails, same boat, same Wind – so Charles Caudrelliers question for the cause should be  taken serious. One can really understand his disappointment. And…
    Please; can anyone tell me what the beautiful Songs/Symphonies are @ 2:57:00 and 3:03:00 , and especially @ 3:17:00 Can´t Shazzam it!

  2. couverture médiatique de cette arrivée nulle pour une course de cette dimension :
    pas d'hélico, prise live sans live, peu de consultants
    et pourtant arrivée de jour, avec peu d'écart, …
    la jolie présentatrice fait de son mieux mais elle n'est pas aidée, avec tous ses geek derrière elle qui jouent à la playstation,
    on a l'impression de se voir commenter une étape virtual regatta