Watch all the action from the Mirpuri Foundation In-Port Race in Lisbon

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  1. The Sailors better put on their Weather Gear pretty quick. Outside Lisbon it's blowing socks off and choppy seastate as well. Last time we had that was the first Night of Alicante in 2011/12 and we know what happened. Abu Dhabi lost their rig and Team Sanya their bow section. Skippers better be careful not pushing too hard and therefore risking of damaging their boats.

  2. Guess what – These boats are only designed to go 45000 miles around the globe and not in port races!!!  If I hear that one more time I'm gonna scream.  We tried playing a commentary cliche drinking game but couldn't keep up!  If the boats are really that bad around the cans then why do it, it won't be an appropriate test of sail racing.

    Can someone have a chat with the director please.  Don't see the point of watching lots of pit work on Dongfeng when all hell is breaking lose at the front of the fleet on that last downwind to the finish!!! It took way too long to realise that and get back to Mapfre and Brunnel.  

    No footage at all of poor ol' TTOP when they disappeared down the fleet after rounding the bottom mark – what happened to them, why know footage.  There was that penalty missed between SHKS and was it DNFG so you had to revert to tracker when it should be well known that there's often conflict in that part of a race course.  Then you hang around filming the first two AFTER they crossed the line when it's really interesting back up the course.

    What about the crew member who took a fall !!! You highlight it and express concern then completely forget about the person – I suppose he/she is still alive.  Guess I have to trawl through loads of social media to find out. 

    There seems to be a lack of anticipation in the coverage.  In fact coverage so far seems to be lacking compared to previous events.  Wonder if there are issues in the race organisation – pity.  Some of the best coverage you ever did was during Ken Reads day when he skippered Puma.  Strong racing, coverage that got nearly all the crucial or interesting action and interviews with Read and others that were at times priceless such as when he kept saying how the spectators were getting their monies worth with each race – he wasn't wrong.

  3. Constructive critisism time: the montages. You guys need to tell whoever is editing the montages, they need to slow down on the rapid fire clip overdose. They're going to cause seizures. The montages of "what happened last leg/race" should primarily be about conveying information – they're not some video editors new age art project. They should be more akin to an evening sports telecast's recap of a football game. Longer clips of important and/or exciting moments that happened – long enough for the viewer to gain context and frame of reference. Commentary to enhance context and convey more information would be welcome as well. The point is, the high speed montage set to electronic music is extremely played out, and it's poor at what it's supposed to do – which is tell the story of what happened last time out. End of my rant. Keep up the amazing work, this is the best race left on the planet, it's an absolute beast to cover, and so far you guys are doing an outstanding job. Looking forward to another 9 months 🙂