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  1. Why do you interview an OBR about how great a job they do then barely show any of their shots? I've learned to fast forward through the talking heads and only look for the action shots. The coverage of the race itself and the OBR's shots is pathetic.

  2. Thanks , Interesting info about the OBR, thanks.. For the boats it's probably good sailing near another boat, keeps you on edge and help you tell if you gaining or loosing! If your on you own it's probably worse.

  3. What is the lightest wind that will give the boat 'way'? Would you ever drop the foresail in light wind? (The fore sail can not hold its shape and, when a light wind is swirling, the foresail can be back winded.) Is the keel canted to leeward in order increase heel in light wind?

    The OBR adds a lot to the spectator experience.


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